4 Food Festivals In Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

Canada is a diverse country where people of different cultures live together and introduce new flavours to local cuisine. People here love to eat and that’s why the restaurant business is booming.

You will find different types of food here including Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and more. Even the tourists love to try out new food here.

Apart from having different restaurants, several food festivals also take place in Canada every year. These festivals attract both locals and tourists. Here are some upcoming food festivals in Canada that you might want to visit.

Prince Edward Island Fall Flavours Festival

featured image 4 Food Festivals In Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss Prince Edward Island Fall Flavours Festival - 4 Food Festivals In Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

It is one of the longest food festivals held in Canada. It takes place for a month and thousands of people gather here for food and entertainment. You can enjoy the shellfish and lobster party near the beach or try out unique meals at food stalls.

Many chefs also come here to share their culinary knowledge with visitors and also demonstrate their cooking skills.

Ottawa Poutine Fest

This event is organized to promote Canadian Poutine. You can taste varieties of Poutine and take part in fun activities such as Poutine eating contests, potato sack races, relay races, and more. There will be live music, and everyone will be in a party mode.


This festival takes place in Toronto and hundreds of restaurants take part here. If you love eating food and are also interested in knowing about food or how to cook different meals, then you must come to this festival.

There will be experienced chefs who will be giving cooking classes. There will be workshops, competitions, and more. You may just become a chef after participating in this event. If not, at least you will know more about food.

Taste of the Danforth

It is the biggest street food festival in Canada. Millions of people take part in this event. You can taste varieties of different meals to satisfy your taste buds.

If you plan to visit Canada, make sure that you attend one of these festivals and enjoy delicious Canadian cuisine. You will learn more about Canadian food at these events as well.

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