What is it?

The Baden Corn Festival is an annual summer event highlighting local food producers and restaurants, as well as celebrating the Township's agricultural heritage. Residents and tourists alike will enjoy a wide variety of activities throughout the day.

Why are we doing it?

Baden is a vibrant and fast-growing community, as reflected in our wide demographic. Families, seniors, youths, and young professionals all call Baden home, as do an ever-increasing number of businesses. There's never been a better time to spread the word about our Township's excellent food growers, restaurants, and essential agricultural industries.

Who are we?

The BCA is a group of citizens who take a hands-on approach to enhancing life in Baden. In 2016, the BCA completed the restoration of the Foundry Street Parkette Bridge, and continues to beautify the parkette's gardens and pathways.

Our mission is to make Baden an awesome place to live - and an unforgettable town to visit!

Cornelius T. Cobb: Biography

Cornelius T. Cobb was born in Wilmot Township in 1980; he was raised by his father Colonel Cobb and his mother Silky, who provided a happy home for little Corny on their family farm. When he was a seedling Cornelius would spend all day playing under the sun, only coming inside when the crows were out.

As a young man, Cornelius went to Cornell University for Veterinary Medicine, but sadly he had to change career paths as the cows kept nibbling on him. It was a happy development, however, as it was then that Cornelius discovered his keen interest in food production.

And so, Cornelius returned to his roots in Wilmot Township, where he inherited the family farm and began cash cropping with great success. But Corny's talents didn't end with farming: he also began to explore cooking and restaurant management, making his mark in the world of world-class cuisine.

People stood in line for weeks just for a taste of Corny's popcorn. And while the head chef at his five-star restaurant Cornucopia, Cornelius won dozens of cooking awards (mostly notably for his signature dish “Cornmeal-Crusted Corn Flakes over Corn Bread and Corn,” which won Epicure Magazine's Editor's Choice Award).

Today, Corny is the Ambassador for the Baden Corn Festival, a career that allows him to explore his favourite things: meeting new friends, eating extraordinary local food, and of course introducing visitors to Wilmot's many excellent attractions.

Corny may be seen at any number of places in Wilmot Township, especially in the weeks leading up to the Baden Corn Festival. To catch up with him and say hello, follow him at @cornyTcobb